Tips for Surviving Solo Travel

Tips for Surviving Solo Travel

Travelling alone might be intimidating from the security of your own home. What happens if things don’t go as planned? What if you become stranded? Is it safe to go out at night alone?

All these questions and more (what should I do if my luggage goes missing? What happens if my automobile gets trapped in a ditch? Will bandits attack me? Travellers frequently face difficulties before embarking on their first solo trip.

To ease your anxieties, continue reading for tips on how to survive alone travel. It will provide you with the information you need before travelling somewhere alone and lead you to learn a lot about the world and yourself.

Know Your Strengths.

Your travel goals and personality will determine your pre-solo-travel anxiety. Do you enjoy venturing out of your comfort zone, or does the concept make you nervous rather than excited?

Are you friendly and prefer to be in the centre of things? If so, you might go insane if you can’t communicate; therefore, travel somewhere where you speak the language.

Conversely, remember the language barrier if you’re travelling alone and are more of an introvert. Vibrant cities are ideal for people-watching, especially those with a flourishing cafĂ© culture.

tips for surviving solo travel

Do Your Homework.

It’s one of our best suggestions for surviving solo travel. Consider what you want from your trip and where you’ll most likely receive it.

Where To Stay?

When travelling alone, consider a homestay or looking for room rentals in a flat, which will provide you with an instant connection with the occupants. As a lone tourist, you will have numerous options to select from. You’ll learn a few local pointers even if your landlord doesn’t take you out on the town. Hostels are also designed with lone travellers in mind.

Embrace Yourself.

This came up repeatedly as one of our contributors’ best solo travel tips: being alone for extended periods can be intimidating, but go with it. Along the process, you may discover that you enjoy your own company.

Alternatively, you can always make new pals if you’re feeling social. For example, offer to photograph a family at a popular attraction or sit near a lively group in a bar. This is truly one of our top recommendations for surviving solo travel.

Take Photographs.

Making photography a mission, even if it’s only capturing weird, tiny facts about a location, adds structure to your day.

Your pals at home will enjoy your perspective and the story behind the photos.

It’s also a terrific way to reflect on your solo travel experiences and recall accomplishments.

Eating Alone.

While the prospect of visiting restaurants as a solitary traveller may make you nervous (and entice you to subsist on fast food to avoid awkward situations), put that anxiety aside.

Fancy restaurants are great locations to dine alone. Waiters are eager to assist single diners who smile and declare, “I made a special trip just to eat here.” What are your recommendations?” Socialites may prefer to eat at the bar, but there’s no shame in requesting a table for two.

Find People.

Use Facebook and Twitter to create contacts when travelling. Make a dinner reservation for a group of friends that live in the area, and you’ll be shocked at how many people accept – everyone enjoys being a tour guide for the night.

Seek for your hobbies in your destination. While travelling alone, you do not have to be a hermit.

To that aim, wherever you are in the world, you may look into excursions related to your hobbies and the peculiarities of your destination – as the expression goes, “when in Rome”.

Enjoy Yourself!

Even if you become lonely, remember all the things you can do while travelling alone. Some of these benefits are minor, such as double-dipping your chips in guacamole or changing your mind every hour without worrying about annoying anyone.

But the true benefit of solitary travel is even more significant: absolute freedom. You can take whatever journey you want; even if you have yet to learn it, you’ll have a terrific time figuring it out.

Embrace Technology

Remember that spending the occasional night watching TV in your guesthouse is acceptable. You wouldn’t go out every night at home; it would be taxing, so why try to do it for several months abroad?

A smartphone or tablet is essential today, and free Wi-Fi is everywhere. Technology allows you to check what you need to know before heading to your next destination.

It allows you to book your accommodations ahead of time and ensure a safe pickup at your location.

Staying connected with home, reading the news, and listening to podcasts help alleviate feelings of loneliness – ideal for passing the time on long flights and a surefire way to arrive at your destination with entertaining company.

tips for surviving solo travel

Do Not Hide.

It’s common to feel intimidated while travelling alone, and hiding in the pages of a good novel is the perfect solution to avoid curious eyes on public transportation or restaurants.

However, travelling solo allows you to fully immerse yourself in your environment, meeting locals and visitors along the route. Be content to be alone but confident enough to introduce yourself to others when you wish to socialise.

Learn the Local Jargon.

Learning a few words and phrases before embarking on your travels is worth the effort. Learning to introduce yourself, start a simple conversation, order a beer, and count from 1 to 10 makes a huge impact.

People like to know you’re trying, no matter how rusty. Learning a language is essential to travel and make new friends. If travel broadens the mind, acquiring local vocabulary is an excellent method to open doors.

Bring Back Up.

Travelling requires having the proper documents and keeping them safe. This is especially vital for solitary travellers; no one wants to be trapped alone without a visa.

So make sure you’ve saved your passport and visa information somewhere safe. Email yourself photos of essential documents, for example.

It’s also critical to ensure you’re insured. Backup and insurance are a surefire method to arrive at your destination with fewer concerns. As the phrase goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Be Aware of Safety.

Solo travel can be safe and rewarding, but you should know the same safety risks as travelling in a group or pair. Take precautions in huge cities at night, monitor your drinks, be aware of local scams, and check your belongings.

While solo travel might be difficult, the most challenging aspect is taking the first step. After that, you only need a little know-how, a desire to explore, and some tried-and-true travel recommendations. A genuinely gratifying adventure awaits.




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